The formula for success: how computer technology is winning casinos
26, Apr 2022
The formula for success: how computer technology is winning casinos

Imagine that you are here to play blackjack in a casino. You started with a table opening price of $100, which means that 3 hands per round are allowed to be played.

At first, this may seem like a tempting opportunity, because you know that even if you lose one hand, your chances of winning, if you survive, will increase dramatically. It’s risky, but doable!

In general, computer technology can outperform casinos many times: the estimated price of a table (TEP) for a gaming session in a casino is $ 100, and computers now have a much cheaper alternative.

For centuries, gambling strategies have been hidden from the boardrooms. Now, thanks to computer technology, well-known strategies can now involve more people and achieve greater success in their enterprises.

There are a number of “formula” stories about how computer technology has defeated casinos from relatively recent shortlists.

According to data researcher Bert Reese, the formula for success is the following cycle: first, you follow a path where you stumble upon something new. Secondly, your path through this discovery will eventually lead you to investing in paying special attention to the markets above and below, which can bring great profits. Finally, there is a formula for success as an elusive result. In this case, the period of importance is focused on markets and marginal returns in money, which contradict the concentration of the power of reason – succeed in making your competitors succeed.

The scariest thesis in this article mentioned on this topic is: “In the end, we’ll just have to admit that AI is much better at strategy in games than we are”.

Casino AI

The secret key to understanding how this can affect the game: adaptation. Computers have fixed algorithms, programmed strategies that they can execute many times per second. The human mind needs time and repeated information to understand what is happening and make the right decision.

Since the article mentions that there must be a plan with an exit strategy for this success formula, you will need careful introspection if you want to use this experiment.

Initially, many people believed that casinos were shrouded in secrecy to facilitate the theft of money from their poorest customers, who have the least information and knowledge. Today, the art of casinos skillfully uses the latest technological developments to win over big data players who want to revolutionize the gambling industry.

Statistics do not lie – the casino has the lowest odds against players. But when it comes to companies and investors, casinos always win. Today, technology is being used, and data can be collected using computer software.

Let’s say you want to introduce success habits into your life — just like I do when betting on horse races. According to recent research, most people do not suspect that betting on a horse guarantees them a result.

One of the reasons casinos are so successful while other businesses fail is that most of their business model is based on how much time you spend in the company and when you play in it, rather than winning.

It has always been believed that computer technology loses to man. But nowadays there are many cases in the computer industry when computer technology is the winner.

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