How to thank the dealer: the etiquette of tipping at the casino
26, Apr 2022
How to thank the dealer: the etiquette of tipping at the casino

It is always important to enjoy playing at the casino, even if you lose. Positive experience helps them to come back often. By being generous to dealers, players can make their days more profitable and stop chasing bosses and colleagues.

“Thanking the dealer” is a gambling tradition. When players visit the casino, they usually leave tips, called “gaming chips”, or gifts to their dealers. However, deciding what is a good tip can be difficult as it varies depending on each player’s tastes and preferences – even for those who often win as well as lose.

This guide will teach you how to “well” observe the etiquette of tipping. It will address five frequently asked questions about visiting a casino — where to tip and what to avoid.

Tips are tips left to someone for services rendered (work, bar, gourmet restaurant, etc.). Tipper could use his own judgment about how much and leave them in the form of cards, coins or banknotes. Or the service provider will include some preferences, for example, in public transport, where each trip costs 8 euros with change for the next trip instead of cards).

Any casino in America most likely adheres to the etiquette of tipping and the policy of servicing dealers of table games. There is a fine line between what to give and what not to give. Knowing when enough has been given will help make sure that your experience has gone well. With the right amount of money, you are more likely to have a positive experience, and with the wrong amount, you may have a bag full of cash.

One of the most important things to know in a casino is how to play the game with professional dealers and how to best express appreciation.

It’s not unusual for this casino etiquette to change over time, but one thing that has always remained the same is the use of appropriate thinking on tipping.


For example, when playing blackjack, you should know that it is considered polite to leave the full amount in dollars for blackjack dealers instead of a percentage. Or, if you are going to shoot and shoot games like skeet or rifle, then your tips for these games should be more generous than for others.

In such situations, doing some research online will help you prepare for both the positive and negative sides of these different types of gaming experiences.

In the business of buying and selling, the seller is often left with a “tip” on the transaction. The etiquette of tipping in a casino is very different from what can be found in other areas of business.

To thank everyone who helped you on your journey or influenced you during the day: then put your hand on his heart and bow slightly; finally, put an extra $1 to $2 bill in their tight palm, again making sure you catch yourself if they get ahead of you.

If more than 20 minutes have passed and no passwords have been invented, or if someone says “Hawk”, it means, first of all, just thank them!

For most people, an evening at the casino is to spend time with friends and family playing dice or blackjack. But what happens when people start tipping? A well-protected ignorance of etiquette is almost inevitable.

So, a tip is a monetary reward for service sector employees for a job well done. Service providers are, in particular, bartenders, waiters and maids in hotels. However, the rules of tipping etiquette differ in different jurisdictions when it comes to performing similar functions, such as owning a casino.

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